September 21, 2014

There's so many people in this world. I think, actually they already connected without connecting.
All that can they do is just search each other. And when they meet, they just have to say one word, like "Hi.." and the connected that was existing will visible.

Since the day we were born, we have connection. No. Since we were in the womb we have it, maybe we just not realize that. We never ever alone. Although there's only you in this world, you are still connected with others, there are sky, land, water, etc. And after all, you have to realize, Allah always there for us.
And once more.
"When you feel alone, when you feel really alone, there are always people who secretly watching you and praying for you". 
Whether its your friend, your enemy, your lovely and most importantly, PARENTS. Remember it. 
They, who always say your name in their prayers, pray for them as well.
Love them more than they love you.
Pay Forward.

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