September 25, 2014


Maybe.If dead could briefly. Most of us wanna die, briefly. Why? 'cause today we were tired of working on the proposal, tired of hearing about LPJ, tired of thinking about paper and others. Some of us get sick for a few hours, yes, includ me. Oh my Godness. What should I do?

September 21, 2014

There's so many people in this world. I think, actually they already connected without connecting.
All that can they do is just search each other. And when they meet, they just have to say one word, like "Hi.." and the connected that was existing will visible.

September 20, 2014

Seorang teman.

Malam ini saya akan bercerita tentang seorang teman.

Teman yang belum lama ini belum kukenal walau keberadaannya sudah lama.
Jangan buat sebutan untuk dirinya, mungkin lebih baik saya menyebut namanya daripada harus memberinya inisial seperti pemeran dalam koran. Sepertinya, dia tak akan suka itu.