March 24, 2014

skip this.

Everybody seems like they are the most understood about their life and other's life. Again. But, as usual, when I ask to one of them, "What they talking about? Can you tell me once more. I haven't understand yet."

Yeah, as usual, the answer is "Neither I. How can I tell you, huh?"
What happen with life? After all, MAYBE everybody just 'act' like they understand. . You got it? I don't wanna judge you. This is just my own opinion. I think, there just one that understand about our life, yes, our God, Allah.
So, if I turn into my way and dont care about other people that judge me, it'll be more right to me. Isn't it? So, this is the way I am.
I jut wanna smile and ignore people that make a gossip about me. I just wanna laugh although 'they' said to others that I was crazy. I dont care. I dont wanna care.
And the time will come. The time that I always walk, run, jump and fly when all of people fall and give up. And in that time, I will say 'hey come on! Fly with me. Actually, I believe that we can fight, together." And I will smile. Always. Please, stop judgment. You can't really understand about someone's life. You can't judge people caused by their choice, you dont know why she/ he choose it.
Once again. This is the way, I am.

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